Slate Roof New Orleans

Slate roof New Orleans products have become popular among residential property owners over the years. For the last couple of decades, the use of slate roof has been declining. Asphalt shingles and concrete tiles are some of the roofing materials that have been pushing slate roof aside. That’s because they are possible to produce in large amount and their installation cost is lower.

However, Martz Inc has been getting slate roof installation requests from a relatively larger number of property owners. Basically, slate roof is making its comeback. If you are planning a roof installation project, here are some of the reasons why you should consider slate roofing.

Slate Roof is Durable

Slate roofing has tiles that last relatively longer. The life span of most roofing materials is a few decades. However, slate roofing can last for a century as long as the conditions are good. When installed properly, this roof can maintain structural soundness for more than 150 years.

What’s more, slate roof is fire resistant. This is a major advantage of slate roof when compared to options like asphalt shingles and wood shingles. Slate roof New Orleans products may be expensive but their advantages make them better than other roofing products.

Amazing Looks

Slate roof looks amazing on the properties where they are installed. That’s why many homeowners are going for this roofing. The aesthetic value and style of slate roof is simply the best. The tiles of this roof are simply a natural stone. They are made from a metamorphic rock. That’s why this roof has a unique, attractive look. When looking for a roof that matches the exterior color palette and architectural style, choose slate roof.

Little Maintenance

Slate roof lasts long with little care. The only attention that slate needs is proper installation and inspection.

Martz Inc has installed slate roof New Orleans products for many years. Call us now to discuss your slate roof installation with the most experienced experts!