Single Roof Shingles New Orleans

Shingle roof accounts for about 80% of residential properties in the United States. This can largely be attributed to the fact that shingles cost relatively low. They also look great on residential buildings when installed properly. Martz Inc is the leading single roof shingles New Orleans installer. We install roof shingles that last longer while enhancing the overall looks of buildings.

Affordable Roof

One of the reasons why you should consider installing single roof shingles on your property is affordability. Shingles are an affordable roofing material that can last for decades. This makes installing this material on your building a worthwhile investment especially if you do not intend to live in your home forever.

Easy Installation

Easy installation of single roof shingles translates to a fast roof installation process. As such, the overall time that will be spent on the installation of your new roof will be less. This means paying a relatively less amount on labor. However, the amount that you spend on single roof shingles New Orleans installation will depend on several factors. These include the roof size, weather, and the condition of the underlying structure of your roof.


You can have single roof shingles installed on any roof type. That’s because shingles do not require specialized accessories like homes with chimneys, vents, and steep-slope roofs.


Single roof shingles are affordable with many shingle styles and colors. This combined with price variations means that you will easily get roof shingles with color and style that suit the theme of your home.


Composite shingles come with Class A fire protection rating. This implies that shingles are resistant to fire damage. As such, your family can have more time to vacate in case of fire outbreak.

Martz Inc is a professional installer of single roof shingles New Orleans products. Call us now to schedule your roof shingles installation appointment with experienced professionals!