Shingles of the Roof New Orleans

Shingles of the Roof New Orleans

Shingles of the roof New Orleans products are very popular in residential buildings. This popularity can be attributed to several factors. When considering shingles for your building, you should know their pros and cons. Martz Inc understands that roof installation or replacement is a major investment. Therefore, we want you to make an informed choice. We share the advantages and disadvantages of shingles of the roof.


Some of the reasons why you may opt to install shingle roofing include:

  • Shingles providing an affordable roofing when compared to other types of roofing
  • Shingles work well on structures with steep slopes
  • Shingles are versatile and they adapt to different applications with ease
  • Shingles are easy to fit, cut and fasten. This makes their installation easy.
  • Shingles do not need special accessories for wall terminations, roof edges, vent flashings, or chimney.
  • Shingles of the roof New Orleans products have low maintenance and you can walk on them without causing damage.
  • Shingles are lightweight
  • They are available in different colors, sizes and prices
  • Composite shingles make roof repair relatively easy
  • Most brands produce shingles with Class A fire resistance property

Just like any other roofing material, shingles have their disadvantages. Here are some of the reasons to be hesitant about installing shingles roofing.

  • Shingles tend to be susceptible to strong wind damage. They can be torn or uplifted by strong winds with ease.
  • Excess moisture causes mildew problems in shingles
  • Slate, metal, and tile can outlast shingles though this depends on their type.

Hire the Right Shingle Roofing Contractor

Martz Inc has been installing shingles of the roof for many years. We have the expertise, tools, and equipment required to install shingles of the roof. Once you hire us, we pay attention to your needs to ensure that we offer you custom shingles roof installation.

Call us now to have experts install shingles of the roof New Orleans products on your property!