Roof Shingles Material New Orleans

For help with roof shingles material New Orleans installations, call Martz Inc. We have been installing roof shingles in residential properties across New Orleans for decades. Our technicians have the expertise and tools required to install roof shingles on different properties. We install distinctive shingles that create roofs with dramatic appearances.

Whether you need dimensional shingles or architectural roof shingles we will install them on your property. We use roof shingles of the highest quality. Our goal is to install roofs that last longer while serving our clients better. Simply share the details of your roofing project and your needs with us and we will be glad to help you.

Cedar Shakes

These are some of the most distinctive and attractive roof shingles material New Orleans products that we install. These are made to mimic cedar shakes. They are thick with slots that are random and similar to those of real shakes. Our technicians know how to install this roof shingle material to give a building the desired look. Just give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your cedar shakes installation project with you.


This is another impressive shingle design. This mimics the look of slate but it does not have weight issues that are associated with slate. We install these roof shingles on buildings without the additional support that slate would require. This material comes with random textures and colors. These accent the planes, gable features, and turrets of steep roof better. Most products lines provide ridge and hip accessory shingles. These highlight the sections of the roof while complementing shingle.

Wood Shingles

We also install wood shingles made from pine. However, modern shingles are mostly made from trees that are treated using chemical preservatives. This makes them last longer and achieve a higher fire resistance rating.

Call Martz Inc now to discuss your roof shingles material New Orleans products installation with experienced professionals!