Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Professionals

Even the best-installed roofs get to a point where they need replacement. Depending on the condition and age of your roof, substrate and shingles may require replacement. That’s where our New Orleans roof replacement service comes in. We’re a professional roofing company in New Orleans with a sterling reputation for providing excellent services. If you have a roof that needs replacement, get in touch with us right away. 

Several variables must be considered to determine whether your roof should be replaced. Our roof inspection will help you determine whether to repair or replace your roof. We have the most experienced contractors that will inspect your structure carefully to determine whether it’s time for a replacement. 

Being the most experienced roof replacement contractors, we examine the structures of our clients and provide recommendations. Thus, if unsure whether your roof needs replacement, talk to us. 

Signs That You Need Roof Replacement Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Re-roofing or roof replacement is a major investment that will affect the value, appearance, and function of your property. But, how do you tell that your property needs re-roofing? Well, several signs should prompt you to consider installing a new roof over your property.

They include: 

  • Your roof is leaking in multiple places 
  • Your roof was installed more than 15 years ago 
  • Broken, torn, or missing shingles 
  • Curled or cupped shingles along the edges 
  • Your roof has a worn and old look 
  • Balding shingles with missing granules 

Once you conclude that your roof needs replacement, work with experienced professionals to choose the right materials. Our crew has re-roofed many residential and commercial properties in New Orleans. Be confident that we will guide you to choose the most appropriate material. 

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Maybe a storm or hail left your roof with irreparable damage. You could also have an old roof and you want to transform the look of your property. Regardless of your reason to want to re-roof your property, we can help you. We replace different types of roofs including asphalt shingle, genuine slate, tile, and metal roofs.

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