Metal Roofs for Homes New Orleans

Metal roofs for homes New Orleans installations have become popular over the recent years. Many people are installing metal roofs on their homes after noticing the transformation that they are giving homes of their neighbors. Others are installing metal roofs after learning about them through television infomercials.

Martz Inc has been installing metal roofs on homes in New Orleans for some time now. From experience, we confidently say that metal roofs come with numerous benefits when compared to other roofs. For instance, metal roofs are light weight, energy efficient, durable and long lasting. What’s more, high-end metal roofs come with a long warranty because they can withstand class 4 hail.

The metal roofing industry has been growing rapidly over the recent years. Metal roof manufacturers are now providing these roofs in different styles and designs. Common among them include shakes, tiles, slates, and shingles. Standing seams and corrugated roofs are also popular metal roofs for homes New Orleans products. These are aesthetically pleasing when installed properly. They also last long with minimal maintenance.

Ensure Proper Installation

Proper installation of metal roofs for homes is very important when it comes to ensuring their durability. Essentially, metal roofs are made to last. However, they should be installed properly. That’s why you should hire Martz Inc to handle your metal roof installation project.


The upfront cost of metal roofs can make a metal installation project seem expensive when compared to installation of shingles roof. However, metal roof installation is a smart investment. That’s because the roof will last longer and provide benefits of energy savings. Metal roofs require low maintenance while enhancing curb appeal and overall value of the property.

Martz Inc is ready to install a metal roof on your home. Call us now to discuss metal roofs for homes New Orleans installation or to schedule a consultation appointment with experts!