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Martz Construction is one of the leading roofing company in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We provide expedient and professional services for residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every project. Whether you need new roof installation, replacement, or repair, we can help you. Just get in touch with us at any time for a consultation or to set up an appointment.

When it comes to the roof of your building, you should let experienced experts handle your project. Martz Inc is a team of experts that have been installing, repairing, and replacing roofs in Lake Charles. When looking for a Lake Charles roofer that will bring expertise, tools and the equipment required to make your roof stand out, get in touch with us.

Bear in mind the fact that your roofing project’s success lies in the hands of the roofer that you hire. Therefore, ensuring that your project is handled by the most competent roofers will surely pay off.

Rated #1 for Roofing Companies in Lake Charles Louisiana

When looking for a roofer with a reputation for delivering excellence, talk to Martz Construction. Over the years, we have earned a sterling reputation for quality work. Our crew uses quality materials to install, repair, or replace roofs. What’s more, we deliver excellent results timely and cost-effectively. Trust us to relieve the stress that comes with any repair or replacement job.

We know that your home or commercial property is among the major investments in your life. As such, we treat it with the utmost respect once you hire us. From our customer support and service to installation or replacement and clean up, our crew will focus on giving you the best experience. 

The roof of your property plays a crucial role in determining the amount of energy you will save. It also influences the level of comfort in your property. Additionally, your roof can boost the value of your property. Our crew has all this in mind when working on your roof. Be confident that we will do a job that is worth more than the value of the money you will invest in our service. 

Our commitment to quality service delivery has made us one of the leading Lake Charles roofing companies. Our name is associated with trustworthiness and quality across Lake Charles areas and, we do not subcontract the projects of our clients. That means the whole process of installing, repairing, or replacing your roof will be handled by the most competent experts. Thus, you can trust us for expertise and precision. No matter what your roofing needs are, we’re the roofer that will do the job right.

Licensed Roof Repair Experts

One of the best ways to ensure that a roofer has the expertise required to handle your roofing project successfully is licensing. When a roofer has a county or state issued license, it means they have met all the requirements of a professional roofing contractor. That means they are legit and capable of handling your roofing project successfully. Martz Inc is a roofing company that has been licensed to install, repair, and replace roofs in Lake Charles. With us, your roofing project will be in the right hands.

Ask Us For A Written Roofing Quote

After consultation, a roofer should give you a written estimate. This should indicate what you will pay for when you engage their service. Martz Inc will be glad to give you a free, no obligation written estimate after assessing your roofing project. To hire the best Lake Charles roofer, get in touch with Martz Inc now to book your consultation appointment!


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Local Lake Charles Roofing Experts

A sound roof is important for the comfort and safety of your family and valuable possessions. This is the first defense line for your property. As such, it should be installed, repaired, replaced, or maintained by the right experts. But, finding the right contractor to install this structure over your residential or commercial property can be a challenge. Luckily, you have found a team that provides professional services at reasonable prices. We’re long-time, local experts with an exceptional reputation. 

Our crew has the necessary skills, experience, and tools to deliver provide quality roofing solutions. We install structures that last for years while serving their purpose effectively. Be confident that the roof that we install for you will withstand the things that work against it. Your structure will last longer regardless of the strong rain, wind, hail, humidity, hurricanes, and storms that might work against it. 

We are recognized as the best contractors in the industry due to our ability to deliver quality services. We handle the different needs of our clients professionally when it comes to roof installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our team comprises of skilled contractors with decades of experience. We’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded by in the Louisiana state. This makes us the best choice when it comes to installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your roof. 

Our crew works on different types of roofs. Whether you need or have asphalt shingle, metal, tile, flat, or slate roof, we can install or work on it. Just get in touch with us at any time to discuss your needs with our experienced professionals.

Quality Lake Charles Roofing Company

We’re one of the few roofing companies that focus on ensuring the quality and beauty of roofs. The roof that you install on your property should provide protection, comfort, and add aesthetic value. That means you should work with a contractor that will help you choose the right material. And, that’s what you get when you choose Martz Construction.

Our crew has installed many roofs across Lake Charles, Louisiana. We help our clients choose materials with quality that ensure the strength, endurance, and beauty of their structures. Whether you need a roof for your home, restaurant, lodge, or warehouse, we can help you choose the right material for it.

Once you reach out to us seeking help with your roof, we pay keen attention to your needs to ensure that we offer customized solutions. If unsure of the best roof to install on your property, our crew will give recommendations based on your needs and budget. We ensure full customization of the structure that we install over your property.

We are the roofer that local businesses and residents trust. That’s because we ensure solid strength, cost-efficiency, and quick installations. Our repairs are also done using superior materials. Whether you have a leaking roof or need to transform the look of your property after a natural disaster, we can help you.

We use advanced methods, superior materials, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure quality and customization with every project. And, our crew will handle your project efficiently, no matter how complex it seems.

We’re known for providing dependable and timely services at any place in Lake Charles. What’s more, we handle projects of all sizes. And, our rates are the most reasonable. Trust us to do great work once you choose us for your project.

Lake Charles Roof Repair Services

No matter how well a roof is installed, it will need repair at some point. Our roof repair ensures that you have a solid and protective structure over your property. If you have a roof that needs repair, talk to us today.  We offer roof repairs that give this important structure the desired longevity. Several things work against roof systems in Lake Charles. Rain, hail, storms, wind, humidity, and hurricanes are some of the things that can damage your structure. 

Ensuring that any damage on this structure is fixed on time is a great way to maintain a sturdy roof over your property. You also protect your property from harsh outdoor conditions and weather when you ensure timely repair of your roof. If unsure whether your roof needs repair, our crew can inspect it and provide professional recommendations. 

Perhaps, you suspect that you have leak in your roof. Maybe you’re thinking of checking out the damage and fixing the structure yourself. Well, that’s a risky approach because you can slide and fall from the roof. This can lead to serious injuries or even death. As such, you should leave this job to qualified experts. 

Martz Construction is one of the few Lake Charles roofing companies with the most competent experts to handle any job that relates to your roof. We repair all types of roofs in residential and commercial properties. Our investment in modern equipment and technologies, as well as, training of our crew enables us to take the most innovative approaches when repairing roofs. We even offer emergency roof repairs 24/7 in Lake Charles

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If the damage on your roof can’t be repaired, our crew will recommend  replacement. Call us now to schedule a roof installation, inspection, repair, replacement, or consultation appointment! 



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