Home Elevation

Shoring And Leveling

Martz Construction is the oldest shoring and leveling services provider in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you have had a difficult time dealing with floods, we’re here to help you. We offer the best New Orleans home elevation service. Once you enlist our service, your home won’t face flooding risk again. 

We use modern processes to elevate houses. Our innovation and experience have earned us a sterling reputation for being the industry leaders. If your home needs leveling or elevation, trust us to do an awesome job. Our crew values your home and will treat it with the utmost respect during the process. 

We have the most hardworking team that is caring and knowledgeable. Your needs will be out priority once you hire us to elevate your home. We bring you the most professional and efficient house lifting solutions. Our commitment to quality services and the satisfaction of our clients has made us the industry leaders. Call us at any time and we will be glad to give you a free estimate or elevate your house. 

Our Process

During elevation, most masonry veneer, frame, and masonry houses will be separated from the foundation and lifted using temporary cribbing or support to hold them. Extended foundations will be constructed beneath them. This will lead to raised living areas with only the foundations exposed to flooding. 

House lifting is a common method for retrofitting. That’s because it elevates a home to the desired or required level thereby protecting it from flood water damage. When done properly, home elevation protects the living area from severe floods. 

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The process of elevating a home may seem easy. However, it requires skills, experience, and specialized tools to execute safely and professionally. Our team is well-trained, experienced, and armed with innovative equipment. We elevate homes while avoiding industry hazards like cracking the exterior facades, breaking the window panes, and buckling floors. We ensure that the homes of our clients are elevated without the development of unwanted leaks at the exterior doors and windows. If you need professional help to elevate your home, call us now.

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