Historic Building Renovation

Skilled and Trustworthy Historic Building Renovation Experts

Martz Inc. has been providing quality historic building renovation services for years. Our services can restore and preserve the history associated with different buildings. We bring the original grandeur of these distinguished buildings back with our construction and renovation services. Be confident that your historic building will attain the best modern standards once you hire us to renovate it.  

Whether you want to modernize, restore, or preserve a historic building, trust Martz Inc. to bring the required expertise. What’s more, we work with local standards and regulations when it comes to preserving historic buildings and protecting designations.  

We understand the uniqueness and complexities that are associated with the restoration projects for historic buildingsOur crew has handled renovation projects for government buildings, museums, and theaters. And, we handle every aspect of the renovation project carefully and expertly.  

From planning to meticulous execution, your project will be in the hands of the most competent contractors and subcontractors. We use the latest technologies like laser scanning to create a 3D model of the historic building that you want us to renovate. What’s more, we draw from the extensive experience of our experts and modern technologies to ensure the timely completion of your project. And, we never compromise the quality of our work under any circumstance.  

Our vast experience enables us to design and execute historic building renovation projects efficiently and professionally. Be confident that you will be impressed by every aspect of our services.  

Skilled Historic Building Renovation Experts

Martz Inc. has the most qualified experts to handle your historic building renovation project in New Orleans, Lake Charles, and nearby areas. Whether your historic building is used daily or no longer in use, its renovation will be faced with unique challenges. If you choose inexperienced contractors, your renovation project can end up costing a fortune. It can also lead to reputation damage or even breaking the law. That’s why you should choose the right contractor for your historic building remodeling project.  

At Martz Inc., we have highly skilled and experienced contractors with a proven track record of delivering excellence in projects like yours. We have completed many historic building renovation projects in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Our vast hands-on experience means we know what we will be doing once you hire us for your renovation project.  

Whether you have a Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed building that needs renovation, our crew will do an excellent job. We know that renovating a historic building requires specialized skills, experience, and understanding of the importance of the property.  

Martz Inc. has been entrusted with the restoration of many historic buildings in New Orleans and Lake Charles, We observe the highest quality levels, discretion, and treat these buildings with the utmost respect. Be confident that you will be glad for choosing Martz Inc. to renovate your historic building.  

Trustworthy Partner to Restore Your Historic Building

Martz Inc. has earned the trust of many clients by providing quality services that exceed expectations. We know what historic buildings mean to the community and the world. As such, we make sure that we deliver the services that are expected of us.   

Here’s what you can expect from us:  

  • We put you and your historic building first  
  • We deliver innovative and cost-efficient renovation solutions  
  • High and consistent quality  
  • Adherence to the highest safety standards  

Don’t give your historic building renovation project to amateur contractors and risk having it ruined. Instead, let trustworthy experts handle your project.  

Contact Martz Inc. now to request an estimate or schedule a consultation appointment for your historic property renovation project!