Government Building Construction

The Best Contractor for Government Building Construction Projects

Martz Inc. offers the best government building construction services in New Orleans and Lake Charles, as well as, their surrounding areas. We’re a professional construction company with the expertise and experience required to handle government building construction projects. Once hired by a government client, we handle every aspect of the construction process. This includes planning and budgeting, as well as, value engineering and construction.  

We work with our clients throughout the construction process to ensure that we deliver customized solutions. Our crew will involve you in design-build, general contracting, pre-construction, and management of the construction project. What’s more, we use innovative technology to deliver quality results for municipal and government construction projects.  

Professional Government Building Construction Services

We uphold the highest levels of professionalism when handling government building construction projects. Experienced professionals are involved in designing government buildings and their planning. We ensure proper and efficient coordination of government building construction services to ensure a seamless and streamlined experience for our clients. Our collaborative approach enables us to work with architects and designers to ensure that our client’s vision is realized.  

Our government building construction project phases are as follows:  

  • Pre-construction  
  • Building logistics planning  
  • Actual construction  
  • Project delivery  
  • Post-construction  

Our crew is professional, experienced, and reputable. We ensure the timely completion of government construction projects and work within the set budgets. Your project will be in the right hands once you choose Martz Inc.  

The Best Company for Any Government Building Construction Project

We have the expertise to handle any government building construction project. Our crew has been providing the best general government contracting services for years. These include government building planning, consulting, design, site preparation, and full build-out. We also handle interior finishing for government and municipal buildings.  

Some of the government building construction projects that we handle include:  

  • County government construction services  
  • City government construction services  
  • State government construction services  
  • Construction of municipal facilities  
  • Public entities  
  • Law enforcement facilities  
  • Construction of government institutions’ offices  

We bring discipline, integrity, and respect to every project. This enables us to provide a construction experience that is seamless and enjoyable. Be confident that you will have an easier time completing a government building once you choose Martz Inc. as your contractor.  

Contact the Best Government Building Contractors Today!

Martz Inc. is a professional, well-respected construction company that has completed many municipal and government building construction projects successfully. We have many subcontractors working with us. That means we don’t outsource any subcontractor. Our goal is to always provide best-in-class contracting services.  

These include:  

  • Reliable cost estimating and value engineering analysis  
  • Planning for site logistics  
  • Long-lead items procurement  
  • Best on-site staffing and coordination  
  • Quality material expediting  
  • Quality control and assurance  
  • Schedule management  
  • Safety management  

All professionals in our team and highly experienced and committed to delivering excellence. Our goal is to help every client meet their goals. To do this, we ensure that every project is completed on budget and scheduleWe take a proactive approach when it comes to addressing project details and maximizing the value of our clients’ investments.  

In addition to new buildswe handle government building additions and renovations. That means you can hire Martz Inc. for a fill-out or expansion.  

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