Commercial Construction

Best Commercial Construction Experts in New Orleans and Its Environs

Do you need help with your commercial construction project in New Orleans and the surrounding areas? If yes, look no further than Martz Inc. We’re a professional company that’s been providing construction management and general contracting services for years. Regardless of your location in New Orleans or Lake Charles, we can handle your project.  

Once you enlist our construction services, we will work closely with you to ensure that you get customized solutions. A commercial construction project can bring you a lot of pressure. We bring the expertise required to make the completion of your project easier.  

We handle all types of commercial construction projects. These include commercial renovations and new builds. What’s more, we ensure that every commercial construction project is handled professionally and completed within schedule. Be confident that your project will run smoothly when you choose Martz Inc.  

Reliable Professionals for Your Commercial Construction Project

Martz Inc. is the most reliable company to hire for your commercial construction project. We know what a construction project means to you. Whether you’re a private developer, a company, or a business, we ensure that you achieve the goals you have in mind when embarking on this project.  

We work with developers and owners to ensure they accomplish their goals. What’s more, we ensure that you get the most cost-effective solutions throughout the construction project. Be confident that you will get the best solutions from construction to lifetime cost-savings in maintenance and energy efficiency once you choose us.  

Using our flexible systems, we work with our clients to ensure detailed craftsmanship and exceptional interior finishing. The final result is always a building that’s functional and aesthetically appealing.  

And, we maintain open communication channels before, during, and after the project. This enables you to contact us at any time to voice your questions, concerns, or suggestions. Additionally, we keep you posted on all aspects of the project. From project planning, budgeting, and execution, we will keep you updated on the progress.

Comprehensive Commercial Construction Services

Our portfolio covers a wide range of commercial construction projects. Whether you want to renovate an existing commercial property or build a new one, Martz Inc. is the best company to work with.  

Among the commercial construction services that we offer include:  

  • General commercial construction services like demolition, site development, project management, value engineering, and waste disposal.  
  • Exterior construction services: We offer exterior construction services for commercial entities. These include painting, electrical, and painting work, fencing, plumbing, and line stripping.  
  • Interior construction services: Our exterior commercial construction services include millwork, casework, carpentry, painting, plumbing, mechanical and electrical installation.  

All our work is done professionally and according to the specific requirements of the client. We do not subcontract any work outside our company. This enables us to ensure the highest quality control level and easy service integration.  

Let the Best Experts Handle Your Commercial Construction Project

Your commercial construction project should be handled by the most qualified experts in the industry. Martz Inc. has earned a sterling reputation for providing unmatched quality when it comes to the provision of construction services. With us, you’re guaranteed great money and time savings. You also get what you need from your construction project.  

Our crew comprises highly skilled, certified, and experienced professionals. Each member of our team has proven their ability to deliver excellence in what they do. Be confident that you will be impressed by the outcome of your project when you choose Martz Inc.  

Contact us now to request a free estimate or book consultation for your commercial construction project in New Orleans or any of the surrounding areas!